Action Alert: Help Stop Live Animal Exports

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) has a new action relating to the live animal exports from Ramsgate:

According to this new action, whilst current UK and EU laws prevent Thanet District Council from banning the live animal exports trade, the council may increase the levy that animal exporters have to pay in addition to the berthing fee (please refer to for the case study which is a two page pdf file).

Thank you.

David M. Davison

2 Comments to “Action Alert: Help Stop Live Animal Exports”

  1. Following the decision by Associated British Ports (APB) to suspend the export of live animals from Ipswich Port, the RSPCA is asking people to thank APB and urge them to ban live exports from all their ports:

    David M. Davison

  2. The RSPCA is asking people to write to the Agriculture Minister, David Heath, at DEFRA and demand action on the issue of live animal exports:

    David M. Davison

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