Factory Farming

Compassion in World Farming has launched a new video project, A Compassionate World. The first video is shown below and these are the future releases:

  • Threatens the future of our food (launching Monday, 8th August);
  • Risks our health (launching Monday, 15th August);
  • Needs compassion (launching Monday, 22nd August); and
  • How we can end factory farming by 2050 (launching Monday, 29th August).

The Green Party’s agriculture and animal rights policies cover the use of animals in food production, e.g.:

  • The use of animals in food production can be appropriate, where they are part of an outdoor, extensive, sustainable, mixed agriculture system and are not fed on grains, soya and other concentrates, therefore relying on off-farm energy inputs.  (Agriculture, AG213).
  • To encourage ecological farming in small free-range units, prohibit live export and minimise the internal live transport of farm animals, abolish the piece rate system in abattoirs, and otherwise improve market and slaughter-house conditions, and phase out all forms of intensive farming, including fish farms. We will also prohibit the import of any animal commodities not produced by methods acceptable to UK standards.  (Animal Rughts, AR406).

David M. Davison


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