I give more than ATOS….

Trish Marchant says: I had chance to talk to a man the other day who lives in supported housing, and he was telling me how he has just been told he can no longer claim disability living allowance and that he was fit for work.


John (not his real name) is blind in one eye due to a cancerous growth when he was a baby, he has alcohol and drug dependency, he has learning difficulties and ATOS have judged him fit for work…… He is one of many people who are being forced through unnecessary stress and anguish so that ATOS can makes loadsamoney.

Due to his eyesight John is unable to take a driving job and hasn’t worked for many years because of his difficulties, but putting those things aside are we really a society that wants to leave people floundering on reduced benefits because of a perceived excess of disability claimants? In which respect is this man not disabled? He can walk and talk and lift his arms up and down but psychologically he is not fit to work. He is appealing the decision and I hope he is successful. I have huge respect for him and his ability to live his life on the edge of our “big society” along with many other vulnerable people.  Its hard enough to challenge bureaucracy when you have the comfort of a decent home and a full belly but what is it like for those who are living in shoddy rented accommodation relying on handouts from the state and charities?

For my part I will continue to fight the cruel attacks by this government on the dignity and quality of life of the vulnerable and say to those who support this unfairness take a moment and think … if you were in this man’s shoes would you be optimistic about your chances of getting a job….. ?

One Comment to “I give more than ATOS….”

  1. Many learning disabled are losing their DLA . DLA allowance is there to help their quality of life. A learning disability has a big affect on being able to do just about anything. Not just being able to walk and talk or can they cook a meal. They are up against obstacles each and every day.

    Many learning disabled can’t speak up for themselves or know how to complain and appeal. Therefore I am pleased your gentleman has managed.

    A lower IQ makes a difference. Learning Disabled need support. Government think the support is there but it isn’t and no one wants to offer learning disabled work when they can employ others with examinations.
    Thank you for adding your voice.

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