Isle of Grain’s Wildlife Haven

The National Grid is trying to turn an area on the Isle of Grain that has become a wildlife haven into warehouses and a lorry park.

Buglife, however, is fighting to protect the wildlife haven and has initiated a legal challenge to Medway Council’s decision to allow the land to be developed.   The land is full of wildflowers for bees to feed on, bare ground for beetles to bask and burrow into and pools for dragonflies in which to breed.

Please support Buglife’s campaign to save the wildlife haven from the development plans by completing the online form asking National Grid to:

  • Commit to conserving the bumblebees and other endangered species living on the Isle of Grain and working with Buglife.
  • Reduce the size of their development.
  • Stop spraying pesticides on the Isle of Grain Open Mosaic Habitat.
White eye-stripe hoverfly

White eye-stripe hoverfly © Mikel Tapia Arriada

Shrill carder bee

Shrill carder bee © MJ Clarke

David M. Davison


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