Solar Needs You

A new campaign, Our Solar Future, has been launched by the Solar Trade Association and aims to get the government to reconsider its objectives for the UK’s solar industry.

The supporters of the campaign include Tony Juniper (environmentalist and writer), Caroline Lucas (the Green Party leader and Brighton Pavilion MP) and Dr. Iain Stewart (Professor of Geosciences, Plymouth University and TV presenter). But…
Solar Needs You

So, why does solar need you? To quote from the web site:

The Government is jeopardising the future of solar in the UK through poor decision making based on questionable understanding of the issues. The series of proposals developed by the government is putting the entire solar industry in the UK under threat.

In the 2010 spending review the government imposed a cap on the feed-in tariff (FIT), and limited the scheme further by capping the budget to a fraction of the level that was agreed by the previous government, designed specifically to kick start a solar revolution. This has pulled the rug from under the industry and created an inevitable boom and bust scenario forecast within approximately 18 months when the remaining funds are now anticipated to run out.

So, why do we need solar? To quote from the web site:

Energy and climate change are two of the issues that will dominate the next century. Right now we need solutions that can help us address both issues at once, whilst allowing our communities to thrive.

There are not many places to turn for answers to these challenges and in the UK we are currently being sold the story that nuclear energy will be the answer, when many other industrialised nations like Germany are abandoning this technology to focus on a 100% renewable future.

We need solar not just because we don’t have many options left – but because there are so many positives.

Please visit the campaign web site to learn more and show your support.

David M. Davison


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