Press Release: Love Music Hate Racism

Medway Green Party were proud to be part of the LMHR weekend again this year.

The great line up of music and musicians was a tribute to the organisers and the cause in general. The greens attended everyday and had many interesting conversations with the public.

Trish Marchant of Medway Green Party said: “The LMHR is one of those events that brings the community together and we feel we have to be here. It is sad and telling that the Tories and the Lib-Dems are never anywhere to be seen despite being invited. We shared our gazebo on the Saturday with the Socialist Worker Party as they are a big part of Medway against the Cuts as are the Greens.”

In their recent election leaflet the Greens highlighted that as times get tough there is often a increase in the worst of human behaviour, including a rise in racism, verbal and physical attacks on people with disabilities and animal cruelty.

Trish is keen to remind people that the Green party has the strongest anti-bigotry policies as well as being the only party with an animal rights policy.

“Do not let people persuade you that you should kick the next person down, whoever that is for you. The pressure on all parts of the economy will have some people telling you that it is such and such a persons fault. It is not. It is the fault of the previous labour governments weak regulation of the banks and this coalition governments ideological and unnecessary cuts to public services”

The LMHR had a variety of acts over the weekend, from new young Medway talent on the main stage, the very popular DJ Sunday and seasoned musicians such as Wheels, the Singing Loins and Did Bergman performing folk rock on the renamed Bob Wade stage.


Notes for Editors

1. LMHR can be found on Facebook.

2. Vince Maple is one of the organisers and a Labour councillor for Chatham Central.

3. Medway Green Party can be found at

4. The attached photo is copyright T. Marchant and for use with LMHR press releases.


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