AV Explained Through the Medium of Ketchup

Trish Marchant says: AV may be being portrayed as over complicated but we use AV all the time in everyday life.

Imagine you have run out of ketchup


You go down the shops to buy your favourite brand but they have run out and when you look on the shelf there are 3 different brands of ketchup and 1 bottle of brown sauce.

Most of us will look at the other brands on the shelf as an alternative if our favourite one is not there and our fish and chips are getting cold.

So you plump for a different make but essentially its tomato sauce just not as nice as your favourite.

Thats AV

You go out for ketchup, you come home with ketchup.

But under First Past The Post it doesn’t matter what you selected you get brown sauce.  It claims to be what you wanted but it tastes completely different.


One Comment to “AV Explained Through the Medium of Ketchup”

  1. You’ve got a sauce! 🙂

    Good wishes for tomorrow

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