Dear Medway Towns – The Next Four Years are in Your hands

Trish Marchant says: This Thursday is your only chance for 4 years to change the way the residents of towns and villages of Medway are looked after. The last few years of Tory administration have given us a diabolical road system, undemocratic decisions about city status and the bus depot, incineration of our waste and cruel treatment of parents and teachers on school closures.  We have stick on shops instead of small business support and dog poo on our streets. This council doesn’t listen to you because it knows best.

But you can change that. By voting in even one green councillor you can make a difference, with a voice that cares about our home towns and the people that live here. Among other things we will push the council to adopt the sustainable communities act so YOU can influence how things happen through proper debate not fake consultations which ignore the wishes of the tax payer.

If you are still undecided about who to vote for in the locals on May 5th then have a read of our 6 point mini-manifesto and think about putting one of your votes our way. If we are in your ward (you can check here) then you can choose change by voting Green. Medway voters have 14 Green candidates providing a real alternative to vote for on the 5th of May. And remember another tory councillor wont be noticed but the first Green councillor in Kent, that’s a story worth telling!

The six points are:

  • Create a programme to insulate every home in Medway and install renewable energy technologies.
  • Champion better public transport plus a better deal for walkers and cyclists and oppose car dependency but not cars.
  • Protect and enhance green spaces, allotments and biodiversity.
  • Oppose academies and the privatisation of school and education services.
  • Promote responsible pet ownership and work to ensure the exclusive use of non-animal tested products in the council’s cleaning and office products.
  • Support truly sustainable regeneration, help increase the number of small businesses and oppose an increase in big businesses.

Vote Green Party


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