The Medway Towns Needs Green Councillors – Think Green on May 5th (and Vote Yes to AV while you are there!)

Trish Marchant says: You will remember me mentioning that we are standing 14 candidate across Medway, the first time we have stood anyone in the Medway locals? Scroll down for the wards and candidates names so you know who to look out for.

If you vote Green you are voting, not just for change, but for fairness, for equality and for protection of our green spaces. We are committed to involvement of residents and retailers in decisions that affect travel, access to shops, and new developments. If elected we will push for adoption of the Sustainable Communities Act through petitions and argument. We will develop a local animal welfare policy, with help from Medway based animal charities and sanctuaries, to reduce the suffering of unwanted pets and strays.  We are already campaigning on your behalf against the devastating cuts to public sector funding and undemocratic decisions such as enforcing city status.

If you want to know more about our candidates there are short biographies to be found here

As well as some new faces you will be able to vote for last years general election candidates, Trish Marchant (Rochester West), Simon Marchant (Gillingham South) and Dave Arthur (Luton & Wayfield), as well as the double  By-election candidate, Steven Keevil (River). We have Radio Kent gardening expert Doug Goodyer (Gillingham North) and Edith East (Walderslade) ,Greenham Common campaigner and local activist, who hits her 90th birthday this year.  If you don’t think power hungry Rehman Chisti MP should be re-elected as a councillor then vote for Andy Rogers (Rainham Central) who played a big part in the Stop Kingsnorth campaign alongside Mary Smith (Rochester West) and David Davison (Strood Rural). Candidate Chris Price (River) is active on green spaces alongside artist Tina Lawlor Mottram (Twydall), and newbies to elections Dave Heritage, Tony Major and our press officer Richard Patey are yours to choose in Rochester East, Rochester South & Horsted and Peninsula respectively.

Are we in your ward?

Gillingham South:  Simon Marchant

Gillingham North: Doug Goodyer

Luton and Wayfield: Dave Arthur

Peninsula: Richard Patey

River: Steven Keevil and Chris Price

Rainham Central: Andy Rogers

Rochester East: Dave Heritage

Rochester South and Horsted: Tony Major

Rochester West: Trish Marchant and Mary Smith

Strood Rural: David Davision

Twydall: Tina Lawlor Mottram

Walderslade: Edith East


3 Comments to “The Medway Towns Needs Green Councillors – Think Green on May 5th (and Vote Yes to AV while you are there!)”

  1. Good wishes with this. Looks like you have a candidate in my ward.

  2. All the best. No Green candidate in my ward unfortunately, but maybe next time.

  3. Thanks Lisa, with support like yours we will be in every ward in 2015

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