Meet (Some) of your Green Party Candidates

Trish Marchant says: During last years general election campaign myself, Dave Arthur and Simon Marchant “performed” for the Winkball cameras when we all did a piece about why we were standing as parliamentary candidates. As all 3 of us are among the 14 candidates in Medway (click here for info on all of us) I thought it might be useful for you to see and hear us in the flesh so to speak. Dave is standing in Luton and Wayfield, Simon in Gillingham South, and I’m in Rochester West. If you want to know which other wards we have candidates in click here. The clips reference our constituencies but the sentiments are the same for these local elections. Enjoy and don’t be distracted by the stern faces, we all did the recordings in one take so were concentrating very hard! (And my hair has grown a bit since then but it is me).

Trish Marchant – Standing in Rochester West and 2010 PPC for Gillingham and Rainham

Dave Arthur – Standing in Luton and Wayfield and 2010 PPC for Chatham and Aylesford

Simon Marchant – Standing in Gillingham South and 2010 PPC for Rochester and Strood


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