Press Release: Medway Greens’ Core Policy List

Medway Green party are pleased to announce their six point election core policy list to illustrate their radical but achievable priorities.

This we feel is a practical and vitally needed alternative for voters faced with the unsustainable, short term and failed policies of the three main parties.

Medway voters have 14 Green candidates providing a real alternative to vote for on the 5th of May.

Vote Green Party

The six points are:

  • Create a programme to insulate every home in Medway and install renewable energy technologies.
    • This will help cut fuel poverty and energy bills, make homes healthier and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Champion better public transport plus a better deal for walkers and cyclists and oppose car dependency but not cars.
    • This will help cut deaths and injuries, improve health and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Protect and enhance green spaces, allotments and biodiversity.
    • This will help improve air quality, reduce the health inequalities related to income and social deprivation and allow greater enjoyment of such places.
  • Oppose academies and the privatisation of school and education services.
    • This will help ensure higher standards and that control of schools is not removed from parents, teachers and the wider community.
  • Promote responsible pet ownership and work to ensure the exclusive use of non-animal tested products in the council’s cleaning and office products.
    • This will help reduce the burden on animal sanctuaries and foster respect and value for animals.
  • Support truly sustainable regeneration, help increase the number of small businesses and oppose an increase in big businesses.
    • This will help create more long term jobs and increase the amount of money kept in the local community.

Vote Green Party


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