Medway Greens Endorse Anti-Cuts Pledge

Trish Marchant says:

The local anti-cuts action group, Medway Against the Cuts, recently sent out their pledge to all candidates standing in the upcoming elections on May 5th. Medway Green Party have been involved with MAC for some months now and have endorsed the pledge but, while we are happy to support MAC, we believe that the pledge can go further.

See our full response below with amendments in bold italics:

Dear Pauline

Thanks for your invite to accept the MAC pledge. As you know Medway Green Party have been active in the local anti-cuts campaign since the emergency budget last year so we have no hesitation in endorsing the pledge. However we feel the pledge could go further. Let’s be specific in identifying changes to the banks, why not make sure all workers have a decent living wage that is linked to national earnings, and what about making sure future economic activity is compatible with the natural resources of our beautiful blue planet.

We have amended the MAC pledge as shown below and MAC are welcome to use our endorsement and amendments as appropriate.

 Medway Against the Cuts opposes all cuts and privatisation that have a detrimental effect on the lives of ordinary people.

  •  Hands off our jobs, pay, pensions, benefits and services. Stop the unfair treatment of people on disability allowance and the draconian approach to housing benefit.
  • No to Privatisation. Kick the Private Finance Initiative out of our public services. Stop the coalition’s attacks on the NHS.
  • Defend education – for free education at all ages. Stop the scrapping of EMA.
  • For investment, not cuts, in social and community services.
  • Scrap Trident and redeploy workers to publicly funded green jobs on union negotiated rates of pay, utilising their skills for the benefit of society and the planet on at least a living wage of 60% of the net national average earnings (currently, this would mean £8.10 per hour).
  • No to the scapegoating of migrant workers.
  • Repeal the anti trade union laws. Defend the right to protest.
  • Close tax havens and claw back the billions stashed away in offshore accounts and tax loopholes.
  • Make the rich, including the bankers with their bonuses, pay for the crisis they have created.
  • Bring the banks under public ownership (e.g. community banks and a genuinely national People’s Bank) , democratically accountable to workers and users. For any banks remaining outside public ownership, introduce a Robin Hood tax of about 0.05% on transactions like stocks, bonds, foreign currency and derivatives.
  • Spend their profits on creating environmentally sustainable jobs, building decent council housing and investing in public services. Whilst it may appear counter-intuitive to delete this bullet point, part of the reason for bringing banks under public ownership is to ensure their profits are not so large or the banks are run on a not-for-profit basis.
  • Promote an economic system which recognises the limits of, and is compatible with, the natural systems of the planet.

The Green Party’s general election manifesto was fully costed and demonstrated there is no need for the cuts proposed by the three main parties.

All the best

Trish Marchant, Medway Green Party Election Agent

For and On Behalf Of All 14 Medway Local Election Green Candidates.

15th April 2011


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