Press Release: TUC Demonstration

On the 26th of March thousands will be joining the TUC march and rally in London against the coalition cuts and in support of public services.

Medway Green Party and the Green Party nationally support the demonstration and many members will be attending.  The Green Party stresses the need to promote an alternative to unsustainable growth and unregulated enterprise, as well as protesting at the reckless speed and thoughtless brutality of cuts and job losses.

Richard Patey Medway Green Party Press Officer said:-

”With a teenage son already pessimistic about job prospects. Children with disabilities and the planned privatisation of my employer. I feel particularly vulnerable on several fronts and fail to understand why my family should be punished for the folly of financial institutions and a clearly unfit for purpose political system.  My son and I are proud to be joining the demo.”

Trish Marchant Green Party PPC and local candidate in the forthcoming elections added:-

”The coalition need to be shown on the streets as well as at the ballot box that their ideologically led attacks on what remains of the post war settlement providing fairness and care for all and goes a long way to defining us as a civilised society, will not be accepted by the most vulnerable without a struggle”.

Dave Arthur Green Party activist also expressed concern about the controversial NHS reforms:-

”The Government ignores the deep reservations of all the NHS unions and professional bodies about the commercialisation of healthcare at its peril. One cant help but feel that the indecent haste these destructive reforms are being pushed through with indicate a Government hell bent on reckless irreversible change in full knowledge of its future un-electability.  Therefore they need to be made to think again before the slow electoral process leaves it too late”.

The Green Party urges anyone whatever your personal or political beliefs to attend if possible. If you are worried about your employment prospects, health provision or that of your loved ones, the very real threat of further financial collapse due to untamed tax evasion, bonus bonanzas and casino economics by the wealthiest or the undemocratic nature of much of the governments actions not hinted at in either parties manifestos. Come along to make your feelings known.

Local trade unions are providing a number of free buses for the march on the 26th for members or non members. Seats can be reserved by E mailing or by calling 07947 361935.


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