Now is the winter (and spring) of our discontent

Trish Marchant says: The news today that the government was wrong to cut the BSF (Building Schools for the Future) programme without consultation may give people hope that Cameron and Co are not the untouchables they think they are. As part of the Medway Against the Cuts campaign we have been out on the streets of the Towns for a few months now telling people why the cuts don’t have to happen, what the alternatives are (let the banks play their part in all this) and how we could create 1 million green jobs (see next Mondays blog by David M. Davison) to take us into a sustainable future. As time goes by more and more of you are taking in the enormity of this ideological slash and burn approach to our public sector funding and attack on the poor (EMA out VAT rise in) and are signing our petition.

Thats where my money the Kitty....

But we need more of you to have faith in people power and join the movement to save our services from being privatised. If you want to get involved then email the campaign at or come to the joint union public meeting at the Corn Exchange 17th Feb at 7:30pm and MOST DEFINITELY book a free seat on the numerous coaches heading from Medway to London on Saturday 26th March for the biggest anti-cuts demo yet!


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