Big Society existed before Cameron – Shock!

Trish Marchant says: Last year Mr Cameron invented the Big Society. Up until this amazing moment he was convinced that no-one was doing anything in their communities without money changing hands. Then it turns out that for years 100’s of thousands of people have been giving up their time to help their community, whether locally through clubs for the young or globally through campaigning for climate justice. Who knew???….

Sadly this governments desperate desire to implement public sector cuts  at the speed of light means voluntary and charity groups that rely in some part on local or national government funding are going to struggle to survive with no time or help to transition to fully voluntary organisations. Without funding who organises the volunteers,  manages the finances, buys the food and clothing for the hungry kids? Cameron has conveniently forgotten about that.

Hidden agenda???

Many charities and voluntary groups fill a need created by gaps in public sector support and quite rightly receive financial support to carry out vital work . If that funding disappears  and the dwindling spare cash people have to donate because of the increase in VAT and freezing or cuts to wages, or redundancy starts to impact how exactly will these organisations survive? In my humble opinion Mr Cameron is returning us to a begging bowl society where the most needy are reliant on the handouts from benevolent benefactors, and charities will be wondering from week to week if they will  even have the funds to pay the electricity bill or the rent.


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