Whipping Does Not Make Racehorses Run Faster

An Australian peer-reviewed study by the University of Sydney for RSPCA Australia reveals:

  • whipping does not increase a horse’s chances of finishing first, second or third;
  • horses run their fastest when they are not being whipped; and
  • the strongest predictor of racing success is how a horse runs in the section of the race where it is not being whipped.

The results of this study do not offer any support for the retention of whipping in horse racing.

The Green Party would not allow whips in horse racing:

AR417 To control and monitor all racing involving animals. In particular, all racing animals exported will be subject to a substantial tariff in order to prevent abuse of retired/unsuitable animals. Horse racing/Point to Point: whips will not be allowed, tougher penalties will be applied for drug offences and minimum age/maximum jump heights and course lengths will be introduced in line with RSPCA recommendations. All pigeon racers will register with their local Animal Rights Officer to ensure welfare standards; race lengths will be restricted. Greyhound racing: adequate arrangements will be made for the re-homing of retired dogs.

To read more about our animal rights policies, please visit this page.

David M. Davison


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