Sustainable Communities Act

Trish Marchant says: The Sustainable Communities Act seeks to empower ordinary residents of our towns and cities by giving them opportunities to influence local decision making. Whilst Medway Council has proved resistant to allowing residents a say via the Act, other council’s have a more enlightened approach.

There are 200 proposals in front of the coalition government awaiting their action.

As the Act challenges the status quo, there has been delay after delay on agreeing the proposals so Local Works, the Act’s campaign group, is asking people to write to or e-mail Greg Clark (the Communities Minister) requesting urgent agreement on the short-listed proposals and to publish a timetable for doing so.

Greg Clark’s address is: Greg Clark MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA and his e-mail address is

The sooner the proposals are agreed, the sooner we can put more pressure on Medway Council to allow residents a say.

For details about the Act – including Medway Council’s refusal so far to adopt it – please visit our Sustainable Communities Act page.


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