Medway People should decide on City status, not have it imposed!

Trish Marchant says: This Medway City status debacle is going from the sublime to the ridiculous. Some weeks ago I commented on the fact that the bid was  quietly sneaking around hiding from the residents, crouching under the bed, in an effort not to be noticed until it was too late.

Now, every time you open the paper you see yet another Medway player, in the form of some captain of industry or another, extolling the virtues of proposal that the tax payer doesn’t want!

Bit late to ask now......

Get out there, get your voice heard, don’t let this happen without debate. City status or not, the decision must be made by the PEOPLE of Medway not just our business leaders and education chiefs (and some passing celebrities).  Medway Council may think they have a mandate on this,  if you don’t speak then they can justify their decision.

Download a petition here

Consult on City Petition

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