River By-Election Vote Green for a Voice! Vote for Steven Keevil

Trish Marchant says: As Election Agent it is my proud duty to announce that Steven Keevil, from Rochester, has again agreed to stand for the Medway Greens in River Ward. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Steven in the previous campaign here is his personal account of why he is standing for election:-

Steven Keevil:

I was born in the Medway Towns and raised on the Peninsula. I have lived in River Ward for over a decade, returning after University to run a small media enterprise. I now work as a lecturer at the local college, principally teaching students with social and learning difficulties.

Outside work I am involved with a number of local artists and activist groups, working together to improve not just the River Ward but the Medway Towns as a whole. I joined the Green Party before the General Election after discovering I whole-heartedly agreed with their policies on the economy, education and social justice via the http://voteforpolicies.org.uk website.

I became proactive within the local party having been inspired by their continual efforts to hold Medway Council accountable and connect with local people.

I am standing for council to provide the people of River Ward with a true alternative and the opportunity to vote for positive change.


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