Why Public Sector Cuts are Not the Con-dem Panacea

On Wednesday, 8th September, John Ward (ex-Medway Tory councillor, find out why here) posted a blog which criticised the Green Party mainly through the use of insults.  The paragraphs below in italics are quotes from Mr. Ward’s blog and following each such paragraph is our short response.

The local Greens show their true colours (ahem!) when, rather than trying to put our country back on its feet, they propose that privatising any part of the public sector should be made “a treasonable offence” (check the next to last sentence).

The Green Party is “trying to put our country back on its feet” but through fair means rather than the deep spending cuts favoured by other parties; for example, did you know that more than £100 billion a year is lost because of abuse of loopholes in the tax system, tax bills remaining unpaid and from illegal non-payment of tax.

The Great Tax Parachute: How to save the public finances and keep the economy afloat by the Green New Deal Group explains how we can “put our country back on its feet” by being fair.  Caroline Lucas, the Green Party leader and MP for Brighton Pavilion is a member of the Green New Deal Group.

Part of the The Great Tax Parachute report’s conclusion is:

“…it is readily apparent that all the means needed to fund the fiscal deficit without any cuts in public spending in the UK can be found.  In that case we make the simple point now, no politician can say there isn’t a tax raising alternative to cuts.”

Oh yes, they also want to scrap Trident with nothing to replace it, and no doubt other equally unintelligent ideas…

The cost of Trident over its lifetime will be about £97 billion.  The Trident missile system came into service in 1992, ostensibly as a ‘deterrent’ against the Cold War threat of the Soviet Union, however, it was formally dissolved on 26th December 1991.  Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Trident has been repositioned as essential for securing the UK’s ‘vital interests’ such as overseas trade, investment and resources including oil without quite explaining how.  Trident threatens the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and world stability.  Scraping Trident would free up a considerable amount of money, set an example to other nations and improve world stability – this is not an “unintelligent” position.

If the Greens are too thick to be able to tell one from the other [what is good in the public sector and what is “largely wasteful, inefficient and unaffordable in its present form”], and merely lump them all together without any intelligence whatsoever (as that ‘blog post makes unambiguously clear), then they really are a load of rubbish, aren’t they?

Mr. Ward assumes that privatisation will always result in a better service but that is not a given – look at the Pathways to Work programme which contracted work to private providers who “seriously underperformed” and had lower success rates than Jobcentre Plus for example.  Furthermore, Mr. Ward shows he cannot differentiate between services which belong in the public and private sectors – if an area of the public sector is under-performing then it is logical to take steps to improve its performance  and keep the work in the public sector.

Perhaps they should be renamed the “Cretins’R’Us Party”!

This statement sums up Mr. Ward’s approach to debating the issues so I will provide just two examples to show the Green Party has a deep understanding of issues:

  • we were warning about the dangers of climate change – and suggesting ways to avoid the problem – a very long time before any other political party; and
  • we understand infinite economic growth on a finite planet is just not possible – this superb short film with David Suzuki explains clearly why this is the case.

3 Comments to “Why Public Sector Cuts are Not the Con-dem Panacea”

  1. Well done Medway Greens.

    What a measured and intelligent response to unwarrented and unfounded insults.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Agree, good work. There are well proven reasons why privatisation is not always the answer even in right wing countries like the USA. Sad misconception held by many a legacy of margaret Thatcher.



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