Sorry everyone, it was my idea….

Look Out!!!!

Trish Marchant says: Davenick Camerclegg (or something like that) has started to warm us up for the cuts next month with a warning to ministers of  “significant challenges” ahead and that the spending review would be the “time the rubber hits the road” (whatever that means).

In the meantime the government has canvassed the public for ideas on reducing the deficit, via a Treasury website, and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has written to acting Labour leader Harriet Harman and the five potential leaders, urging them to submit their suggestions.

On the face of it the consultation seems fair and inclusive but its a bit suspect. We suggest ideas, the government picks the ones that they would have done anyway and its all Joe and Joanne Public’s fault!

So, to be on the safe side can we all agree, without telling them, that the only suggestions we will make are the ones where the banks pay, Trident gets cancelled and privatisation of the public sector is made a treasonable offence?

Just between you and me of course…..


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