Sorry, we are out of Ice!

Trish Marchant says:  The subject matter may seem remote from us here on the banks of the Medway but the melting of the Arctic Ice is a further real indicator of the effects global warming is having on this blue planet of ours. The New Scientist reports that the volume of ice is reducing quicker than first thought.

Unexpected thin ice in the Arctic

According to the International Panel on Climate Change models the Arctic will not be ice-free until 2050, but new research suggests it will be much sooner than that. (Arctic Ice – Less than meets the eye, New Scientist 31August2010) And its not just massive disruption to the eco-system either. Coastal erosion in Alaska is already happening as a result of bigger waves and in some parts of the US changing weather patterns and warmer Arctic air leads to more rain and bigger storms.

So while the media is obsessing over a few dodgy deals around the cricket field, the ice fields of the Arctic are quietly melting into the sea.


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