River Bye-Bye Election

Trish Marchant says: Its all very well for Mr Craggs to apologise to his team “for the time they have given on my behalf and for their trust and support” but has he missed anything out?

Here’s a list of  the additional costs that will now be incurred DUE to his bizarre resignation: Council workers time (admin, polling stations), Council workers overtime (counting staff), cost of all the postal votes, polling cards, election literature, worn shoe leather and personal time from volunteers, disturbing all the good people of River ward through canvassing and nomination forms…etc etc

I am astonished that an experienced party such as the Conservatives could allow such a ridiculous situation, however ‘unique’, to arise.

As the song goes “you cant trust a Special like the old time coppers when you cant find….someone to legitimately stand for council…..(thanks to “My Old Man” and apologies to Marie Lloyd)

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