Coal is the new black – You must be joking

Trish Marchant says:- Its unbelievable what I am hearing today, that the

Con-Dem government is actually considering a U-turn in allowing dirty coal to go ahead unabated. Which means the battle against new dirty coal at Kingsnorth could well be about to kick off…again…

Helloooooo…….exactly which part of “catastrophic climate change” do they not understand?

....hold on a minute I recognise these gates....

The fact that coal is the major contributor to this devastating, end of life as we know it, its worse than that its dead Jim, spiral of destruction is bad enough. The fact that we are all taking so long doing something about it, yes, serious as it is, and that climate change has kind of dropped so far of the political agenda its struggling to be seen, is confirmed by the potential of a cowardly back-stepping that we are anticipating by a government whose MPs’ just last year were slagging off Labour for their weak approach to dirty coal.

You can bet your last gallon of unleaded (see how I managed to sneak in a reference to peak oil) that it will be the previous governments fault that DC and Co are being “forced into this difficult decision to stop the lights going out”.

Last year, along with many others, I promised to chain myself to the JCBs if Kingsnorth got the go ahead, I better let my boss know I’m going out to Hoo and I may be gone some time…..

One Comment to “Coal is the new black – You must be joking”

  1. It is good to see that the Lib Dems are having such a positive influence on the already green Conservatives… don’t you know that Camerclegg rode a bike once?

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