Carry On Campaigning (no city on the nod)

Medway Greens in Gillingham High Street

Trish Marchant says:

As promised Medway Green Party were lobbying for support today from the Residents of Gillingham. The majority of people we asked signed our petition (requesting Medway Council to consult properly on the City Status proposal) and only a couple of people thought it was a good idea.

Gillingham folk feel disenfranchised and forgotten. Making us all one amorphous mass in Medway City could take away what little local pride they have left. Medway Council should be promoting the different towns and villages, giving back the road-signs and recognising that the towns around the River Medway have an identity that is drowning in the  bureaucratic façade which Rodney Chambers and his like are intent on sticking to us all.


One Comment to “Carry On Campaigning (no city on the nod)”

  1. A city they are trying to create by stealth, not democracy. This all started when some idiot
    didn’t bother to renew Rochester’s city status in 1998. If this had been done and the area
    expanded to cover all the towns we could have had the City of Rochester upon Medway, at
    a fraction of the cost that this rotten council is spending on their propaganda, new logos
    website and meetings. Millions of pounds wasted whilst proper services are to be cut.
    Should local rate-payers be funding this? Should they foot the bill for the council’s organ of
    propaganda, ‘Medway Matters’?
    Who voted for the city of Mudway? What consultation took place?
    I shall be voting green in the ‘locals’

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