Medway City Campaign Petition Form

Trish Marchant says: my Medway City – Can We Decide Please? blog provides an excellent introduction to the campaign.  If you would like to collect signatures for this campaign, please download and print the form from here then send it back to us at the address on the bottom of the sheet.

An online petition was launched on 1st June to complement the paper version. To sign the online petition (if you have not signed the paper version), please visit:

This is the petition text:

“Medway Council have decided to apply for city status for the Medway Towns and villages and rename us all Medway City. They have yet again failed to properly consult with the residents, they have not explained the pros and cons of becoming one city and they have not disclosed the costs that a change to city status will incur.

“We the undersigned petition Medway Council to carry out a referendum to ask the people of the Medway Towns if they wish to be renamed Medway City, or to keep their town and village names and instead reinstate city status to the historically named City of Rochester.”

Looking over Temple Marsh, Strood

Looking over Temple Marsh, Strood downstream towards Rochester Bridge and Castle. On the Strood bank we see boats (including the one which appeared in Channel 4's 'Grand Designs') moored in Temple Creek.


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