A Very Different Posting

Whilst flicking through an old copy of Resurgence the other night, I came across a poem I thought worthwhile sharing – if you are like me and find poetry is not normally to your taste, please continue reading.

The poem was written by Tamsin Ireland, age 14, from Kingswood School, Bath and described by Resurgence as “innovative”; the poem also won the 2009 Young People’s Climate Change Conference competition.  You could say the poem is two in one – definitely inspirational (which is why I thought it worth sharing).

We have to see things the right way round
There is no hope
It is not true that
It is always possible to get out of bad situations
We must acknowledge that
We have made many mistakes
Although in the past
We knew the consequences
We didn’t change then even though
The air grew thicker and
Made the seas rise
Because of our lack of care in 2009 we
Have nothing left
It is wrong to believe that we
Can make a difference as individuals
All around the world people should know that we
Cannot bring back what we had
Even though we
Made an effort
As people together we
Became less and less powerful
The droughts, the hurricanes, the floods
Grew larger and larger
And our will to make things right
Disappeared completely before 2020
Selfish attitudes
Make things difficult for future generations
Some ways we found to create energy did not
Ensure that our children can live as well as we do
We must
Turn Things Around

Now please read the poem from the bottom up.

David M. Davison


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