100% dont want Medway City, (at least we asked!)

Trish Marchant says: Medway council is applying to turn Medway into a city without formal consultation. We think this is wrong but what do YOU think?

We spent Saturday morning in Chatham and while Medway  Council’s Rodney Chambers claims 68% are in favour of city status for Medway, 100% of everyone we spoke to were against it!

Historic Dockyard Gate in Chatham Town

The biggest concerns were the loss of identity (which we are already suffering due to bland rebranding e.g. Medway Park, meaningless dull name) and  the way the decision was being made (lack of consultation).

Medway is a happen-stance of places clustered around a river. Each town and village has its own history, style and priorities and many people are unhappy about the way the boundaries between them have been removed and visitors are met with “Welcome to Medway” as they approach the administrative boundary.

If you think there should be proper consultation through a referendum on this massive change to our local area then sign our petition online here

And do let the Council Leader Rodney Chambers know your thoughts by emailing him on rodney.chambers@medway.gov.uk whether you agree with us or not.


One Comment to “100% dont want Medway City, (at least we asked!)”

  1. The 68% is in fact 400 people out of 248 000 – medway council defend their sampling method as a standard way of doing such things. I too have A level statistics and know how you can generate a fiction from such things.

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