Current Issues

Do these quotes describe some of our current issues?

“The structure of industrial agriculture is one of large fields, and mass application of artificial fertilisers, pesticides and high yield plants.  Agriculture is currently organized on the basis of the competitive pressure to expand and intensify.  But this puts a strain on the whole ecological system.  In agricultural terms, pressure to expand means draining marshlands with a purpose-built excavator and plastic pipes.  Alternatively, it means clearing hedgerows or ploughing right up to the hedges bordering the woodlands.”

“Today our planetary environment is threatened on a scale unprecedented in human history – from the extinction of species, the build-up of toxic and radioactive waste, deforestation and desertification, to the massive alteration of the global climate.”

“uncontrollable emission of radioactive toxins; the insanity of the nuclear, bacteriological and chemical weapons build-up; unrestrained economic growth spreading commercialisation to every aspect of our lives; overconsumption of goods and raw materials; the erosion of the individual’s right to free speech; anti-human architecture, transport, technology and food production; increasing indifference and irresponsibility on the political front – these are the conditions of modern industrial society, and these are the factors responsible for disease.”

“supplies of oil and natural gas (as well as uranium) will be exhausted in one or two generations, and will become very scarce and expensive before that point is reached.”

If your answer is “Yes” then maybe it would surprise you to learn the quotes were taken from the book Fighting for Hope by Petra Kelly (co-founder of the German Green Party) and the paperback version was published in 1984.

Petra Kelly and Otto Schily after the West German federal election 1983

Author of 'Fighting for Hope', Petra Kelly (with Otto Schily) in 1983

So why, more than a quarter of a century later, do these quotes describe current issues?

Because the mainstream political parties and corporations the world over have failed us.

Wikipedia entry for Petra Kelly

Petra Kelly Archives (Heinrich Böll Foundation)

David M. Davison


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