Medway City – Can We Decide Please?

Trish Marchant says: Medway council is applying to turn Medway into a city without formal consultation. We think this is wrong but what do YOU think?

Rochester is one of Britain’s oldest cities and should be restored to it rightful status. An explanation of how city status works and what happened in Rochester can be found here. But Medway is just an authority area, a bureaucratic conglomerate of towns. It is a happen-stance of places clustered around a river. Each town and village has its own history, style and priorities and many people are unhappy about the way the boundaries between them have been removed and visitors are met with “Welcome to Medway” as they approach the administrative boundary.

Do our poll and tell us do you want to live in Medway City or do you want to live in your home town with Rochester as the City she should rightfully be and if you think there should be proper consultation through a referendum on this massive change to our local area then sign our petition online here

And do let the Council Leader Rodney Chambers know your thoughts by emailing him on whether you agree with us or not.


4 Responses to “Medway City – Can We Decide Please?”

  1. What happens to people living in Maidstone Road, Medway? Or High Street or Railway Street?

  2. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

  3. I’ve signed the petition – We have a Facebook group running called ‘Say No to Medway City Status. We are happy to join forces and would urge you to spread the word on the group as well


    There will be a story in the Medway Messenger next week and a feature in the Sunday Torygraph I think.

    Peter Cook


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