Greens Urge Elected Representatives to Act Against Israel

Victim of the attack

Kent Green Party is urging MPs and MEPs to take action against Israel after the killing of at least 19 people in the Mediterranean. Those attacked were on board the Freedom Flotilla, taking 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, which is currently under an Israeli blockade. The Flotilla was unarmed, and film made of the Israeli attack appears to show Israeli soldiers opening fire on unarmed civilians. Steve Dawe comments: “Israel’s armed forces have engaged in piracy similar to that which might normally be associated with the seas off Somalia. If such action had been taken by Iran, western states might well have declared war by now. Israel’s role in avoidable wars in Lebanon in 2006, and more recently in Gaza has been characterised by attacks upon facilities such as schools, hospitals and buildings of humanitarian organisations. Remarkably little has been done by the international community to bring Israel to justice. Preventing Gaza obtaining much-needed humanitarian Aid is bad enough, but killing Aid workers is a new low in Israeli military actions. Kent Green Party calls upon MPs and MEPs representing Kent and Medway to ensure sanctions are brought against Israel. Kent Green Party also urges the public to write to MPs and MEPs pressing them to take action: the details of elected representatives can be found at

“Reasonable actions which might now be taken against Israel include an end to the EU-Israel Agreement, the removal of Israel from the Organisation for Cooperation and Development, encouragement of long-term boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel to bring about an end to the blockade of Gaza and start peace talks in the region.”


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