Fishing Restrictions Bring Better Catches

Fishermen in Kenya

Fishermen in Kenya are benefiting from protected coral reefs with larger, more profitable catches - Josh Cinner, Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

According to a study conducted by the US-based Wildlife Conservation Society, closing fishing areas and regulating the use of fishing gear can result in more profitable catches which boost fishermen’s incomes.

The long-term study in Kenya on the effects of fishery closures on fishermen’s profits used data on 27,000 fish caught in three locations off the Kenyan coast over a period of 12 years.  One location was next to a closed fishing area, one far from the closed area but with restrictions on vertically hanging fishing nets and one far from any fishing restrictions.

In the study, fishing close to an area with fishery closures led to larger catches of fish with a higher market value and the ban on vertically hanging nets also increased fishermen’s income.

The full article can be read on the Science and Development Network web site.

The Green Party’s fisheries policy principle is that the human race should live in a sustainable equilibrium with the world’s oceans, free from pollution, so that a diverse population of wildlife can live in them, and provide a continuing source of edible fish.

Our fisheries policy aims are:

  • marine ecosystems with all their present biodiversity to be preserved for future generations;
  • fish only to be caught for human consumption;
  • fishing activity to be at such a level that fish stocks are not depleted to below a sustainable level – where doubt exists, the precautionary principle shall be applied;
  • each to control its own territorial waters  and to fish only in nearby international waters as agreed with all its neighbours;
  • fish should only be imported, on an equitable basis, from other regions that have sufficient to feed their own communities; and
  • all seas to be uncontaminated with substances detrimental to marine life.

David M. Davison


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