Nuclear Power – Uranium Mining

Uranium Mining in Niger

Uranium Mining in Niger

The Conservatives (and Labour) are keen on nuclear power and the Liberal Democrats agreed a deal with the Tories as part of the coalition government that may well see the construction of new nuclear plants.

Nuclear power issues such as operational safety and the storage of radioactive waste are sometimes covered by  the mainstream media  but what about the issues relating, for example, to the mining of nuclear fuel (uranium)?

Such mining operations have considerable  environmental and human impacts, some of which are shown in the short film Left in the Dust – Uranium Mining in Niger on the Green TV web site.

The Green Party does oppose nuclear power.

16th August 2012

My blog John Ward’s ‘The Big Eco-Con’ Blog – A Response includes a link to this post but the Green TV web site no longer seems to hold a copy of the film so I have added the video below (details can be found on the Greenpeace web site).

David M. Davison

2 Responses to “Nuclear Power – Uranium Mining”

  1. AREVA have informed Greenpeace that since January 2010 the company has employed an occupational doctor at its medical facilities in Niger. Greenpeace remain concerned, however, and stress the need for a comprehensive independent study. Full details can be found at:


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