Congo Rape Victims “Not Women Anymore”

Trish Marchant says: I believe in race and gender equality in the UK which is why it makes me angry that the new government is dominated by white males and the only female minister is given 2 jobs to do to “keep her out of mischief”.  I also believe that we, as a relatively prosperous country compared to many others, have a duty to do whatever we can to help heal the terrible suffering that many women, such as the Congolese, endure with little chance of escape.  These women, once raped, are abandoned by their husbands as being “dirty” or suffer terrible physical scars, let alone the mental trauma.

Read this article and this one and many others going back 10 years or more and maybe think about the way women across the world are manipulated in conflict (and politics). You can find out more about international charitable support work for victims of rape here and UK support for women here.


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