Climate Change is Real and Happening

Trish Marchant – Following on from my previous post about the University of East Anglia and how the media were not interested in Climategate once it was shown there was no story (read it here) the IPCC are openly admitting that they must improve their communication methods:

“While the IPCC admits to including an erroneous date by which Himalayan glaciers might disappear in its 2007 Fourth Assessment report, Dr Pachauri said: “We have not been effective at telling the public, that yes, we made a mistake. But that does not change the fact that the glaciers are melting

And he rebutted accusations made in some newspapers and websites that the IPCC’s intentions have been other than honest. “I’m afraid these allegations of corruption and malfeasance are completely misplaced and distorted,” he told BBC News. “But we have to make sure we do our best and live up to the expectations of the public and of governments, which are basically our masters.” Read the full text here.

Watch out for the heavily corporate backed anti climate change lobby, they will be looking for any chance to dismiss the science. For climate change deniers there is no escape from the truth that climate change is real and happening as a result of mans behaviour and time is running out….


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