Are you still supporting BP profits at the pump?

Trish Marchant says:

Has this majestic creature survived or is it already dead..

On April 20, 2010, a BP offshore oil rig exploded, killing workers on the rig and spilling tens of thousands of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil well, located 5,000 feet below the ocean’s surface, is now leaking between 5,000 – 60,000 barrels (210, 000 – 2,520,000 gallons) of crude oil into Gulf Coast waters each day, with devastating consequences for Gulf Coast communities and the fragile wetlands, bayous, and coastal waters on which they depend.

The ecological impacts of the spill are rapidly escalating,  it is estimated to be more than 130 miles long and 70 miles wide, will impact the coastlines of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, and threaten hundreds of species in the Gulf of Mexico, including endangered and rare species.

Compare this with the BP newsletter where they wax lyrical about the wonders of the abundant wildlife which is currently being decimated by the spill. Its a sick contradiction in many ways, not least because the routine burning of fossil fuels destroys ecosystems far away and BP don’t have to clean up that mess.


4 Comments to “Are you still supporting BP profits at the pump?”

  1. According to the mongabay web site (, the oil spill is taking its toll on the region’s wildlife and brown pelicans, sea turtles, several species of fish, and dolphins have been found dead.

    Transocean Ltd., the owner and operator of the oil rig leased to BP has asked a U.S. judge to limit its liability to $26.7 million (

  2. Take a look at this short clip which includes footage below the surface:

  3. The crude gushing from the well contains vast amounts of natural gas that could pose a serious threat to the Gulf of Mexico’s fragile ecosystem. The oil contains about 40% methane, compared with about 5% found in typical oil deposits.

    That means huge quantities of methane have entered the Gulf, scientists say, potentially suffocating marine life and creating “dead zones” where oxygen is so depleted that nothing lives.

    Apparently, this is the most vigorous methane eruption in modern human history.

    Please visit this page for the full news item:

    David M. Davison

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