“It was the best of times..it was the worst of times”

It was fantastic getting Caroline elected and all power to the Brighton people.

What have we got now? A sell-out by the LibDems, backtracking on PR, and a country run by an old Etonian and his LibDem fag (that is the correct term so no letters please!) It may seem harsh but electoral reform was a big ticket for Clegg and here we are with the worst outcome of all. While I don’t have massive sympathy for those that voted for Nick I can only imagine how some LibDem stalwarts are feeling this morning knowing that their leader has bonded with the most contrasting of political beliefs to their own!

Shame on your Mr Clegg but you didn’t let me down, you just proved to me that my gut feelings about you were true. Denying your parties beliefs in favour at your only shot of power. BUT none of us know the deal you made, I will happily take back what I said if you have got PR and not just some time-wasting referendum where the public will be terrified into voting against it.

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