PR v Tory dictators

Well the cat is out of the bag on proportional representation. The Torys have been heard to say that if we had a PR system they fear they would probably never form a government on their own again.

What does this tell us?

It tells us that they know that the majority of people will never vote for them or their policies. So the only way they can get power is through a system that returns a disproportionate number of them than what the people actually want. I think a political system that gives  a minority power over the majority is sometimes called a dictatorship, a junta or fascist regime.

In plan speak the Torys do not want to hear your voice at elections they want you to hear theirs for four or five years after it.

It is clear that the people want a change in our electoral system.

It is clear that the LibDems have campaigned for one.

It is clear that the vast majority of people voted for a centre left government.

If Nick  Clegg is going to make a deal with the Torys he must drag from them a price they do not want to pay. So he must get cast iron guarantees on PR and reform and not carefully worded platitudes that will see no change for the ordinary people of this country.

If the price the Labour party has to pay is their leader and a move from AV to a true proportional system, then they should be bold enough to pay that price in the full knowledge that it is the will of the people they would be serving.

Simon Marchant


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