Once more unto the breach dear friends

Trish Marchant says:

Lots to reflect on and considerBig bunch of flowers and a brand new MP in this election aftermath. We have made a stand in Medway, first ever full slate of Green candidates, and while our vote was nowhere near spectacular there are 1500 people who supported us and contributed to the success of our leader Caroline Lucas. The local elections await and we intend to challenge the tory led council and their selfish, unrepresentative attitude to the people of the Medway Towns.

But what of the lib/tory coalition? Will Clegg stand his ground on PR? After all it was a key election subject for many. The public are going to be very unhappy if there is no electoral reform or if it is a long drawn-out process of change.

Maybe we should just accept that we will have to battle once again in October, we need another £2k all donations gratefully received………

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