True Green not Blue Green

I am standing in this General Election because I think it is important for democracy that people have the ability to vote for something they believe in. The other parties are talking green but this is mostly rhetoric and greenwash. They are attempting to appease the members of their own parties who believe something must be done about the effects that humans are having on our planet.

But sustainability, the point where our effects are in balance with nature, is more than just a few words and cosy ideas. It is a necessary target for the long term survival of, not just humans, but all life on the Earth.

We are, right now – as the Guardian reported, the cause of the greatest rate of extinction that has ever occurred in the entire history of the planet. Thousands of animals and plants go extinct every year and we must fully realise this as a fact before we can do much to solve it.

The first Mammal is extinct, as a result of our over-consumption and recklessness. The White lemuroid possum is forever gone.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying the whole planet will die because of us, it might, but I’m not saying that. No, I am saying that we could make it so bad the we can’t survive but the planet will probably go on with out us.

Simon Marchant – Green Candidate for Rochester and Strood

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