One Woman Standing!

Trish Marchant Green Party Candidate for Gillingham and Rainham

Last night I took part in the Gillingham Husting. Everyone standing was there (except for the BNP). The questions from the audience ranged from whether we would follow the party whip, what we would do to help the local unemployed, to should saying homosexuality is a sin be a criminal offence. It was interesting and I was able to talk about our policies and highlight our ethos of fairness and justice for all. UKIP spouted on about people on benefit who don’t want a job, the big parties talked about tax and NI, but the Greens were the only ones to commit to raising the minimum wage so people weren’t forced to stay on the dole because they were better off. We also commit to scrapping tuition fees and free care for the elderly because we want equality and a decent quality of life for everyone. I love being a Green candidate because I know Greens are not about the me they are about the we.

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