More Green Wash from Labour!

Trish Marchant Candidate for Gillingham and Rainham

Its amazing how the bigger parties are scrabbling for the “green” vote without really having a clue about what being green is. Its not just power, transport and housing, its a holistic approach to sustainability for the whole world. Its hypocritical of Labour to talk about low carbon when they recently passed the energy bill without the amendment which would have given Ministers new powers to limit emissions from the most polluting power stations (Paul Clark, one of Medway’s Labour candidates voted against this amendment by the way, so much for his commitment to reducing carbon emissions!)

Add to that the fact that while the NHS has to REDUCE its 3% CO2 contribution while both the Conservatives and Labour want the air industry to INCREASE its CO2 emissions. I think we are safe in saying they are just paying lip service to climate change issues.

Greenwash – the green that washes off when its convenient…..


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