Local Celeb Joins Medway Greens!

Cheers for Voting Green!

Doug Goodyer has joined the Green Party and is giving his full support to them. As membership of the Green party continues to rise, in contrast to most other parties, it is picking up many well known local figures like Doug. The Medway Green party is very glad to have these knowledgeable and widely liked personalities in their fold. Doug Goodyer presented his hugely popular ‘Sunday Gardening’ programme for radio Kent for many years and was named BBC Local Radio Gardener of the Year in 1999. But he has seen the effect of earlier springs and warmer summers on the plants and animals of our gardens and wild spaces.

Doug said: “I have seen the timing of the seasons change and we have all seen the changes in the weather over the years. I firmly believe that Climate Change is the cause of this. I feel it is well past time to act and only the Green Party is really offering proper solutions. So convinced am I that I have joined the party and I will be standing for election in the years to come.”

Doug continued:
“The growing awareness of alien pests being able to survive here when they should die out over winter is one sign of the changes. Equally visible is the moving of insect growth periods. The fact is that the proliferation of insects occurs earlier in the year so that the nesting birds are missing this necessary feast that their young so desperately need to survive their first few weeks.”
“Sea level is rising at 6mm per year and acceleratingly and this is not a matter of debate. At this rate we stand to lose at least 10% of the land of Kent in as little as 20 years. That land is the most fertile for growing our food and also some 160,000 people will be put at risk of flooding or worse. The government has decided not to defend most areas against the rising sea because to do so would cost £billions. This is one of the ways the Stern report tried to explain the cost of not doing everything we can to stop Climate Change and how it would cost 20 times more to sort out the problems as they arise.”


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