Medway City debate…if you want to have a voice vote Green on May 5th

Trish Marchant says: I have written a number of blogs about the lack of consultation on City status and if it wasn’t for all the campaigning against the cuts, Medway Greens would have been out on the streets much more often with the consultation petition. Even so I thought it was worth reposting this blog as unfortunately the councillors of all parties still think city status is the bees knees. Our local rag, the Messenger,decided to fall off the fence into,and are opting to go with the unpopular. They have come out in favour of a city bid that none of us residents appear to support. The council’s propaganda machine a.k.a. Medway Matters (oh, really…..) and, apparently, local business are regaling us with the wonders of city status for the whole of Medway.

BUT the people who actually pay the taxes, buy the stuff from the businesses and read the local paper don’t seem to agree….and without access to the same resources such as a newspaper and magazine delivered to every house its hard to see how to get the consultation we deserve (answers on a postcard..)

The Medway Greens have been asking repeatedly for proper consultation on this issue so the pros and cons can be understood but its falling on deaf ears.

If the residents want to have a voice its clear the only way to get it is to help us elect our first Green councillor in the May elections. We believe in democracy for the people of the towns, not a dictatorial approach bolstered by the press.

As some of you may know we already have a petition rolling signed by locals which has more people asking for consultation on the bid than actually supported the councils proposal. If you want to help get the numbers up download the petition here

This isn’t the last you will hear about it, I have some interesting information which will appeal to the residents of Rochester in particular.


2 Comments to “Medway City debate…if you want to have a voice vote Green on May 5th”

  1. I agree with needing a consultation but City status would be excellent for Medway – of all the places I have ever lived it is the one that lacks a sense of identity the most.


    • Thanks for your comment. I agree that consultation is key but as a person who grew up in Gillingham and with friends across Medway I am comfortable that the towns have their own identities. (In my humble opinion). But Medway Council have over the years been determined to merge us into one city.

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